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Programs provided by the University with full accreditation from HERQA (Higher Education Relevance and Quality Assurance Agency):

    • Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)
    • Social Work

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Highly skilled medical doctors play a significant role and are urgently needed in healthcare service provision. Hence, the new Doctor of Medicine (M.D) program provides qualified applicants an opportunity to join this exciting and challenging profession.

The Doctor of Medicine program is designed in accordance with the harmonized national competency-based curriculum, focusing on skill acquisition of students, with its own laboratories equipped with movable full-body life size manikins. The manikins allow students to interact with full confidence while receiving an audio feedback in real-time.

Some special features of the manikins are simulation of advanced online Maternal and Neonatal Birthing, Physical Diagnosis Skills, Electronic Throat Examination, Comprehensive Puncture and Percussion Examination, Emergency Training, and many other Comprehensive Specialized Clinical simulations. The simulators also display various vital signs, injection training, airway management, standard nasal and oral intubation, CPR, AED, physical therapy, ECG, etc. Thus students will not leave without practice due to lack of patients to learn on.  

Other special features of the program are the provision of cutting-edge fully equipped medical laboratories for anatomy, histology, physiology, biochemistry and pathology, with smart classrooms and thousands of new medical books.

This program has also incorporated additional modules such as healer’s art and physician lifestyle management, emphasizing ethics and professionalism, as well as introduction to philosophy as an added value to the program.

Do you consider yourself a science geek? Then you have the Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) program where you can enjoy your career as an important player in the healthcare sector. 

 A career in MLT will enable you to do more than carry out automated tests on patient specimens. As a medical laboratory technologist you will perform more complex tests and have an important input in evaluating new laboratory procedures and conducting operational research. Medical laboratory technologists are also clinical laboratory scientists, as they perform tests to diagnose diseases and monitor treatment progress. 

In this program, students will have access to more practice in clinical laboratories in order to gain diagnostic testing competency and the opportunity to learn about human health problems, medical technology, special laboratory protocols, writing skills, and other related topics. Such knowhow and skills will provide them with a competitive edge for prospective employers.

 Upon completion of the MLT program, interested students may even proceed to various specializations, such as in Microbiology, Hematology, Immunology, Clinical Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Cytotechnology, etc.

Are you interested in helping people? Then this program is for you and it is being offered at the main (Lebu) campus of the University. This program will make you a professional in the field of social work. This is a profession which seeks to improve the quality of individuals’ lives in society. Like any other helping profession, Social Workers help people overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges. Social workers also can actively advocate to design systems and policies to help  address those very same challenges.

Specifically the program equips students to get involved in a wide range of social affairs, from child support services in foster care and child adoption, to clinical therapeutic services for psycho-social and emotional problems, criminal justice and correction for behavioral rehabilitation, community development to improve the lives of members of the society and the community, employee assistance via counseling the work force, as well as improving the working environment, providing intervention for those who have developmental disabilities, and advocating and supporting the elderly and many more. 

Some of the courses provided in the program include

* Introduction to Social Work

* Theories of Human Behavior in the Social Environment

* Methods of Social Work Practice

* Social Welfare and Services in Ethiopia

* Social Work in Community Development

* Case Management

* Field Education

* Social Work Research Methods