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Ethiopian Catholic Higher Education Institution has graduated students with degree programs.

Aug 6, 2022

A total of 54 Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) and Social Work students graduated on Saturday, July 6, 2022, in a commencement ceremony held at the Institution’s Lebu campus.
At the commencement, His Eminence Cardinal Berhaneyesus, Archbishop Metropolitan of Addis Abeba, President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Ethiopia, and Chancellor of ECUSTA Higher Learning Institute, His Excellency Archbishop Antoine Camilleri, Apostolic Nuncio to Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia, Rev. Abba Teshome Fikre (Ph. D), Secretary-General of the Ethiopian Catholic Bishops Conference and chairman of the Board, guests, officials of the University, and families of graduates have attended the ceremony.
The ceremony has begun with the blessings and prayer of His Holiness Cardinal Birhaneyesus D. Suriphael and a closing remark by Rev. Abba Teshome Fikre. The guest of honor at the graduation ceremony, Dr. Elias Lewi, an associate professor at Addis Abeba University also delivered his message for the graduates to face the challenge, learn from the consequences, have a dream and a plan to work hard instead of waiting for others to do it for them and to have work-life balance throughout their life and carrier. He also added that in this troublesome time graduates to be more responsible where there are a lot of people waiting for their assistance in their field of study while mentioning for them to have a genuine success route that doesn’t come through shortcuts, but through personal efforts that has something worthwhile.
The Institution’s Interim President Br. Hans Stephen Moran, (FSC, Ph.D.) also mentioned in his message that the graduates have acquired a dignified profession of caring and of
service where they can apply the knowledge and skills to care and to serve – for it is in this that you shall find true and real wisdom.
The Gold medalists among the graduates in both programs were women with very great distinction.
Photo Credit: Ermiyas Woldemichael
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