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EMSA-ECUSTA hosted the "Thinking Outside the Box" event.

April 1, 2023

The Ethiopian Medical Students’ Association members of the institution (EMSA ECUSTA) hosted the “Thinking Outside the Box” event on April 1, 2023. The event was organized by the students with the concept of becoming a multidimensional healthcare professional. The event was started by Br. Hans Moran’s, the interim President opening speech and a message by Br. Getachew Nadew, Academic Vice President and Provost of the institution.

During the event, the renowned consultant neurosurgeon Dr. Zenebe Gedlie and the mental health advocate and GIV co-founder Dr. Miskier Kassahun shared their best practices as students, personal experiences, and challenges in their personal and professional careers, as well as the possibility of thinking and engaging beyond the study and practices of medicine to the level that they can become multidisciplinary and talented professionals in the panel discussion led by Mis. Rediet Getachew, the PCII medical student. Dr. Teferi Desta and the young influencer, Mr. Jodahe Bezabih, also shared their journeys and experiences and showcased their contributions for the students to expand their horizons and think outside the box. The former founder dean of ECUSTA medical school and a consultant opthalmologist, vitreoretinal surgeon, and medical educator, Dr. Tsedekem Asaminew, addressed the importance of being an empathic and humane doctor in this AI-driven era where medical advancement reaches such high precision that as medical doctors, we must better be “thinkers of our thinking,” unlike any other being or AI. Dr. Tsedeke is one of the experts who have introduced “The Art of Healing” in the ECUSTA’s Medicine Curriculum.

As part of the event, EMSA ECUSTA’s own SCOME, SCOPE, SCOPH, SCORA, SCORE and SCORP have organized exhibitions demonstrating their practical skills in their state-of-the-art skill labs, collaborative blood donations, campus tours, catering, and various tournaments between medical schools in Addis Abeba. In addition to the institution’s faculty and students, EMSA members and students from St. Paul Mellinium Medical College, Hayat Medical College, Black Lion Medical School, Lorcan Medical College, and Myungsung Medical College attended the event.

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