Farewell to the Vice President and Provost

September 17, 2019

The Institution hosted a farewell ceremony to our beloved Vice President and Provost Brother Belayeneh Medhait (fsc, Ph.D.). Br. Belayneh has served the Institution as the first and founding Academic Vice President and Provost, who has been a true brother and a role model with his demeanor to the Institution’s community.

Faculty and staff of the Institution, on the occasion, have witnessed Brother’s dedication, collaborative manner, and open-mindedness towards the Institution and the Institution’s community which he has been appointed upon.  Moreover, the faculty and staff wished him success and prosperity in his endeavors for his feature journey in his life. Currently Br. Belayneh has moved to Bethelhem Univesrity, in Isreal to serve as a Vice President for Development.

On a related note, Br. Getachwe Alemayehu (fsc, Ph.D.) has joined the Institution to serve as a Vice President and Provost. During the occasion, a welcoming introduction and a blessing prayer has been conducted to Br. Getachew’s success in his office term.

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