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MLS Students have graduated from the Institution at the Lebu Campus

Dec 4, 2021

A total of 79 Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) students have graduated on Saturday Dec 4, 2021 in a ceremony held at the Institution’s Lebu Campus.

His Eminence Cardinal Berhaneyesus, Archbishop Metropolitan of Addis Abeba, President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Ethiopia, and Chancellor of the Institute, Rev. Abba Teshome Fikre (Ph. D), Secretary-General of the Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat and Board of trustee of the Institution, His Excellency Ambassador Mesganu Arga, the Institution Board Member, the Institution’s community and families of the graduates have attended the graduation ceremony.

The ceremony has begun with the blessings and prayer of His Eminence Cardinal Birhaneyesus D. Suriphael and a closing remark by Rev. Abba Teshome Fikre. The guest of honor at the graduation ceremony, His Excellency Ambassador Misganu Arga has also delivered his message to the graduates saying that “not to choose first-me approach in life that will not take anywhere but to live for the sake of others to have a fulfilled life”. The Ambassador also advised on his message to the graduates to take risks and keep trying calculated and informed risks, to apply a life blueprint – that is to have the dignity of their own and anyone else, to have the determination to achieve excellence and provide quality service. “Keep moving” The ambassador added, “if you cannot fly – run, if you cannot run – walk, if you cannot walk – crawl. In any circumstance, make sure you are on the move.”

The Institution’s President Br. Carlos G. Gomez has also mentioned in his message saying that “hope and ethics go hand in hand. Wrongdoing always kills young people’s expectations; leading by example engenders faith in society and institutions, it sparks hope and confidence. You, young professionals, are a promise: light for the world and future for Ethiopia.

The Gold medalists among the graduates who have attended the regular and extension (evening) programs were women with very great distinction.

Pictures Credit Ermiyas Woldemichael

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