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Br. Augustine Nicoletti, FSC, D. Min., Ed.D.

Br. Augustine Nicoletti has begun his teaching career in 1973 at the Christian Brothers Academy Lincroft NJ. He was also a Director of counseling in two Christian Brothers high schools, worked in Campus Ministry and later he served in administrative capacities as a vice principal and then principal. He moved into higher education where he became an Associate Dean and then Dean at Saint Mary’s University in Minnesota.

Before coming to Ethiopia, Br Augustine was a Professor of Education and department chair at Manhattan College, New York City. Throughout his career in higher education, Brother served in numerous University Committees and accreditation councils.

Br Augustine holds a Doctorate in Leadership from Saint Mary’s University, a Doctorate in Spiritualty and Ministry for the San Francisco Theological Seminary, a Masters in Formative Spirituality from Duquesne University, Masters and Counseling Psychology from West Chester University and a Bachelors in International Relations from Syracuse University.

Brother was also an editor and author of two books: Understanding and Teaching Today’s Students and Using Technology in 21st Century Schools.

His research was focused on the millennial learner, using technology in the classroom, and on globalization.​ He has been a national presenter at several educational conferences dealing with educational pedagogy and curriculum.

Br. Augustine Nicoletti was appointed the first Christian Brother as President of the Institution who is contributing to the establishment and ongoing development of the Institution at the new Lebu Campus. As a founding President of ECHLI, Brother is leading major tasks which include the development and review of curriculum, accreditation of various new programs, campus wide infrastructure development as well as recognition of ECU-L with the International Association of Lasallian Universities (IALU) which comprises 65 universities around the world.

To the Class of 2018 on behalf of ECUSTA Higher Learning Institute community, it is with heartfelt congratulation we offer you on this special day. What an achievement on your part to complete your undergraduate degree. I know your families are very proud of your accomplishment as we are at the Ethiopian Catholic University.

The day has arrived, the dream is realized, the years of planning, funding, and preserving is a testimony to your will and strength. Your goals were achieved and at this moment now you are preparing to venture forth into new and unexplored territories. How exciting this moment has to be for you. You are now beginning a new phase of your life and a life that offers you opportunities to go beyond your present realities. A time now of self-reflection to determine what best paths to undertake and how your education will be your companion on this journey.

As part of your self-reflection I offer you a quote from a speech given by Dr. Martin Luther Kind on the purpose of education and what your responsibilities will be now that you are moving forward as a university education person “we must remember that intelligence is not enough, intelligence plus character – that is goal of true education.” Dr. King draws our attention to the purpose of education is to think intensively and critically and that is correct. But if you carefully read and understand the purpose of education is to think intensively and critically and that is correct. But if you carefully read and understand the purpose of education as proposed by Dr. King he in no uncertain terms reminds us that in the overall scheme of things the purpose of education the purpose of education comes down to living by a moral compass. And isn’t this what we are bout as the ECUSTA Higher Learning Institute. A community of Learners coming together to pursue the truth not only in our academic subjects but also to define our individual characters and morals and how we imprint this in our hearts, minds, and souls. In other words, the purpose of education is transformational. Educational provides us unlimited opportunities to be shaped and formed by our environments.

You are now in a position to be further shaped and transformed as you engage in your community. You are also an agent of transformation by your attraction with the people you will be working and serving in your chosen fields. What wonderful opportunities lay ahead for you as you march forward on this journey, not only of service and dedication, but continuing to transform yourselves into persons of character motivated by faith, service and truth.

Once again congratulations and I ask God’s blessings upon you as you embark on this new exciting journey.

Br. Augustine Nicoletti, fsc


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